What's CORBA?
Middleware plan/program that how to communicate application in multi programming language, hardware, software and network

CORBA History
establish 1991 by Object Management Group (OMG)?
differences between programming languages, operating systems, platforms, and networks were likely to continue for the foreseeable future.
Key principles of OO such as encapsulation (hiding) had to be applied to this“middle” area.

Object Management Architecture (OMA)

Object Request Broker (ORB)?
-Core component from OMA.
-Mediator/broker interactions between objects
-Enabling to communicate between another component, through request dan response.
-Do Encapsulation O/S & N/W.

-Support many transparency that needed at distributed system.
-Can be implemented with TCP/IP protocol suite.
-ORB have standard interface called CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture).

CORBA is standard mechanism for objects to communicate across a network
It needs mapping from the CORBA interface definition language (IDL) specification to the programming language



IDL (Interface Description Language) is the language used to describe the interfaces that client objects call and object implementations provide.
Mapping IDL to Specific Language (OMG to C++, OMG to java dll)?

Step By Step Corba

- Defining IDL
- Create Server Application
- Create Client Application
- Run Server Application
- Run Client

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